Our range of high-quality steel products go into a number of markets around the world. We also have a network of metal centres and service centres across the UK and Ireland enabling us to serve our customers quicker and more efficiently.


Sections for the construction industry. CPR-compliant for current structural design practice.

We are a world class supplier of a wide range of structural sections to the construction industry. Our sections have constructed some of the most iconic buildings and bridges around the world.

Standard dimensions are supplied in the as-rolled condition from our mills in Scunthorpe and Teesside, and can be shot-blasted and primed. View more

We have robust quality management systems that meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and are committed to providing the highest quality steel products that meet the strictest technical specifications, product standards and environmental requirements.

Our company is approved to BES 6001, having achieved a ‘very good’ rating under the BRE's sustainable procurement framework. This provides independent evidence that you are using a sustainable product which can help increase the potential for obtaining credits under the Responsible Sourcing of Materials section of BREEAM.

We have sales offices around the world offering our customers the technical and project skills required throughout the supply chain, with emphasis on end user or project supply.

Our UK manufacturing mills coupled with an extensive distribution network, enable us to offer you a comprehensive product range. Bespoke sections are rolled frequently while our expanded stock range and further processing facilities offer next day delivery options.

S355J2 now in stock

We are now holding sections stock in grades S355J2 and S355J0.

In line with Construction Products Regulations (CPR), material used in construction must have a test certificate showing results at the appropriate test temperature, supplied by a CPR-registered manufacturer such as British Steel.

Our full section range is tested in accordance with the requirements of BS EN10025-2 and is legally compliant with CPR.

Our S355J2 sections are impact tested at -20°C and are readily available from rollings or stock in sizes UB 356x171 and UC 254x254 and above.

European Sections

We manufacture an extensive range of European section sizes in accordance with European Specifications.
IPE: European I Beams (IPE 140 - IPE 750)
HE: European wide flange beams (HE100 - HE1000)

American Sections

SWe manufacture American Sections in accordance with ASTM specifications.
W: American wide flange beams (W6 - W40)


Rail products and services for high speed, heavy duty, mixed traffic, metro and tramway networks.

The wide spectrum of track and traffic conditions found in the modern railway environment is matched by our comprehensive range of steel rail products. By working in partnership with our customers we can ensure that our products fulfil the demands of the international railway industry.

A commitment to technological innovation enables the business to offer total customer solutions built on British Steel's core strengths of of metallurgy and manufacturing excellence. In addition, our expertise in research and development is well recognized in the rail industry. View more

We have developed many partnering relationships and have become a strategic supply chain partner to many organisations around the world. We aim to work proactively with industry colleagues, developing innovative solutions to business and engineering issues.

Our technical team is available to provide advice and support, helping you to optimise your rail selections to minimise life cycle costs. Rail products and grades can be matched precisely to track conditions, track types, environmental conditions and a host of other variables to ensure that every rail we deliver provides optimum performance throughout its service life.

We offer a wide range of steel rail products for global railway applications, combined with vast experience of supplying rail worldwide.

Our innovations continue to deliver longer in-service product life, reducing maintenance and renewal costs for our customers.

We combine dedicated customer service with world-class design and technical consultancy to develop and deliver high quality rail solutions that add value to your business.


Special profiles for earth moving, forklift, construction, shipbuilding and mining markets.

Our range of special profiles is used to make components for a wide range of industries. We can roll profiles up to a maximum of 260kg/metre – from simple profiles with non-standard dimensions, to highly complex and asymmetrical shapes. View more

We have roll design and machining capability to create the rolls and tooling necessary to manufacture special profiles.

We develop long-term relationships with our customers to develop and modify the profile ranges they require. We can also offer additional processing including cold sawing to exact length, shotblasting and painting, a range of fabrication and machining operations.


Wire rod for the automotive, construction, engineering and consumer goods market.

Our high performance wire rod products meet the strict demands of a huge range of applications, including fasteners, automotive springs and tyre cord.

We offer a flexible, responsive service, with dedicated technical and customer support teams, to help you respond swiftly to evolving markets. View more

We offer a wide range of premium rod products and services to customers in the wire industry. We combine our wire rod material expertise with application knowledge - ensuring we always deliver the right quality steel to meet our customers needs.

To support ongoing development of high-quality products, we continue to invest in processes and people at our world-class steelmaking and rod manufacturing facilities at Scunthorpe in the UK.

Product range

We produce a range of wire products for market sectors including:

Consumer goods

We are constantly expanding our range of sizes and chemistries to meet demands for enhanced and reliable end-product performance. We work closely with our customers to understand their requirements – allowing us to deliver the optimum product to meet their needs. Our technical team is always on hand to provide advice on steel selection and processing.

Quality assurance

The quality of our wire rod products is assured by comprehensive testing procedures. Rigorous tests are conducted in well-equipped laboratories to verify stringent criteria for segregation, steel cleanness, scale, surface quality, decarburisation, chemical composition, size, shape and tensile strength properties.

Our products meet the required standards for the most arduous and safety-critical applications. British Steel is accredited to both ISO9001:2015 for our quality management system and ISO14001:2004 for our environmental management system.

Dimensional capability

Description Range
Rod diameter 5.5-17.0mm in 0.5mm increments
Coil weight 1,800-2,200kg
Coil length 1,350-1,700mm
Coil dimensions Outside diameter 1,250mm max
  Inside diameter 850mm min